Fortis Markets Corp company provides the use of virtual private server (VPS, Virtual Private Server) to its customers who are using mechanical trading systems (Advisors) to trade.

This service allows trading robots work more efficiently due to a high-quality broadband Internet connection, and enables traders to make timely adjustments to the work of his advisor in accordance with any volatile market conditions. This service gives our customers a number of advantages:

Uninterrupted advisor operation

These advisors are located in a specialised European data centre next to the Fortis Markets Corp. trading server. The data centre is equipped with an excellent security system, and perfect temperature is constantly maintained in the room of the correct functioning of all servers. It is particularly important that the centre has reserve power sources and Internet providers connections, to minimise technical risks.

Stable advisor operation

You will forget about any interruptions in connection and other problems with communication; since the execution of orders via Expert Advisor is no longer depends on the speed and quality of your Internet connection. Your VPS and the trading server of our company are located next to each other. This will ensure the absolute safety, additional protection and control of all information, whilst is is all transmitted in one millisecond.

24 Hour Trading with the advisor

Due to the fact that the VPS is connected to high-speed internet and uninterrupted channels around the clock, you will no longer have to keep your main computer switched on all the time.

Quick access to the trading account

Another advantage of using the VPS is that you can now follow the advisor’s work from anywhere in the world, from any computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone. You just need an Internet password to access to the VPS.

Opportunity for simultaneous trade with two terminals

You will be able to trade using your local computer and remote terminal immediately.

You can activate your VPS right now by contact us through support ticket in your trader cabinet and please note that we provide free VPS as long as you have an amount not less than 1000 USD or its equivalent in another currency on your account.