We think that the trader’s only concern should be search of a successful trading strategy. Therefore, we strive to provide high-quality brokerage services so that you can just trade, without being disturbed by anything else.

The values that guide us are:

  • Progress, Dynamics

    Our company never stays in one place: we strive for progress. We generate and bring new ideas to life, which gives us an opportunity to make our services even better and your trading process even more pleasant and comfortable.

  • Innovation

    Highly qualified professionals – a team of developers – is engaged in the development of our products. We also cooperate with the leading companies, that specialize in the development of software for Forex companies. This symbiotic partnership helps meet the latest standards in the industry of software development, and we use only the most technologically advanced solutions from the best manufacturers. The development within a company takes place under the guidance of Scrum methodologies, which allows in the shortest possible time, the implementation of complex tasks, and the method “test-driven development” to avoid any errors in the implementation of an additional website functionality. The company’s website is written on Ruby on Rails, which is perfect for the development of large and complex projects, because it considerably speeds up the development, compared with other programming languages​​, and also allows the easy and efficient implementation of scalable functionality.

  • Professionalism

    Only high-level professionals should provide brokerage services, that is why we always improve to provide you quality support.

  • Efficiency

    Time is money, especially on Forex, where each second is valuable. Therefore, we know how important fast and timely service is.

  • Reliability

    We value our reputation and always fulfill our obligations toward clients and partners. We use one of the most popular trading platforms MetaTrader 4, which has already proven its reliability over the years of excellent work. The transfer of personal data between the website of the company and the client browser takes place via secure SSL connection – all transmitted data is encrypted with 128-bit key, which eliminates their interception by the third parties. A complex infrastructure that consists of a set of servers lets us minimize work stoppages of our products.

  • Integrity

    We do not give guarantees that every person, who enters the world of financial market, will have the chance to find himself in it, but we do everything possible to facilitate this, so that trading on the Forex market becomes your true partner in life.